At Idaho Impact, we offer multi-family construction services that are unmatched in the Treasure Valley. With a highly experienced and knowledgeable team of subcontractors, we can provide large-scale projects like multi-family spaces for anyone in need. At Idaho Impact Construction, we are a unique company that prioritizes the client’s needs before all else. Our process involves in-depth coordination with all parties involved to ensure a completed project that is on time, built with quality materials, and exactly as planned. If you’re looking to construct a multi-family, there is no better choice than Idaho Impact.

Built With Efficiency and Care

We utilize a streamlined process that ensures our deadlines are always met. At Idaho Impact, we value our customer’s time and carefully manage each step of the build for timely completion. When choosing us to build, you can always expect that quality materials are used for long-lasting and durable results.

During the entirety of the process, you have the opportunity to stay connected with the progress of your build. By using our app, you can keep track of which phase it is in, who is working on it, and what materials are being used. This provides peace of mind and assurance that we are always doing our part to keep your build on time.

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