Building a custom home is a truly remarkable experience. For many people, a custom home is designed for them and their families to enjoy for decades to come. At Idaho Impact Construction, we understand this and completely dedicate our efforts towards making the perfect home. You can expect amazing customer service as well as the best craftsmanship and materials. As a small construction company, we take on a limited number of clients each year. This enables us to deliver personalized service and customization that far exceeds what larger contractors offer for the same price point.

A Lasting Experience

Our mission is to deliver a custom home that provides a lasting home experience. We achieve this by focusing on the details that make a house last for generations. Idaho Impact wants your home to not only be beautiful but to be energy efficient, durable, and weather-resistant. By doing this, we ensure that your new house continues to amaze you for years to come. We make the same decisions for you as we would if we were building for our own family members. We look for value both today and in the long-term. Thanks to our low-overhead systems and company structure, you can use your construction cost savings to invest in higher quality building materials that will provide outstanding benefits over time. With this approach, you can expect the following;

  • Significant savings
  • Better aesthetics
  • Lower maintenance
  • Lasting home value

Watch Your Home Come To Life

We know that investing in your own custom home is an extremely exciting process. With our clients in mind, we’ve created a way for people to stay connected with the build process like never before. By utilizing a user-friendly software program, we allow our clients to follow the progress of their build every step of the way. This program will constantly update clients with information like which trade is currently working and how long their work is expected to take. Clients also have access to see who is doing the work, the list of products being used, and updated photos of the newest installations. With this new software, we are allowing our valuable clients to truly engage with their investment as it quickly becomes their own.

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