7 Reasons Why You Need a Conditioned Crawl Space

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Crawl spaces are a popular housing feature in the United States. However, if they’re not built or maintained properly, they can cause property owners a lot of issues. This is especially the case for property owners in areas that have moist, humid climates.

If you live in such a climate, your property needs to have a sealed and conditioned crawl space. Keeping this area sealed when it’s humid outside and the air is moist will prevent issues such as condensation, mold, and rot. Ventilated crawl spaces typically only work if you live in a dry climate.

If you plan and build your crawlspace correctly, you’ll reduce your risk of facing long-term, costly problems like mold, infestations, condensation, or rotted wood. Keep reading to learn the 7 main reasons why it’s important to have a conditioned crawlspace for your property.

What is a conditioned crawl space?

A crawl space is conditioned if it’s hermetically sealed from the outdoor air. The conditioning of this type of crawl space is typically connected to your home’s HVAC system.

A conditioned crawl space is completely isolated from the outdoors. There will be a vapor barrier that protects the space from any intruding moisture. The insulation will cover the foundation walls, barrier junctions and seams, and band joists as well.

In a conditioned crawl space, there will likely be polyethylene material covering the entire floor of the space. These sheets of highly durable plastic material will extend up the foundation wall along with insulation boards. This protects your crawl space from the outside elements, ensuring that no cold or hot and humid air seeps through and ruins your home.

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Many homeowners ignore or disregard their crawlspace. However, this is an important component of your property that has many implications for the conditions inside. It pays to pay attention to and upgrade your crawl space by sealing it from the outside weather.

Why do you need a conditioned crawl space?

Reason #1: Decreased Risk of Structural Damage

The accumulation of moisture in your crawl space poses a long-term threat to the integrity of your home’s structure. Excess moisture from your crawl space could start seeping through to the ground that surrounds the foundation. Even though your gutters may be directing the water away from your foundation, an unconditioned crawlspace could become the catalyst for serious foundation issues.

Reason #2: Fights Pest Infestations

Many common household pests like living or nesting in areas that have a lot of humidity. When you have a conditioned crawlspace, the risk of having the right conditions for pests to make their home there decreases significantly. This is an important benefit of this crawlspace solution as pest infestations are linked to disease and property damage.

Reason #3: Better Air Quality

An unsealed crawlspace draws in moisture from outdoors that will start circulating throughout your home. Additionally, dust and allergens from the crawl space’s surroundings are likely to circulate in your living quarters as well. Getting a conditioned crawl space is a great way to boost the air quality of your home, effectively making it a healthier place to live in.

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Reason #4: Higher Energy Efficiency

Moisture in the air means that your HVAC unit needs to work harder to create the conditions you want to have in your home. Sealing the crawl space will lead to a decrease in the overall humidity levels. As the crawlspace stops spreading excess moisture, your energy bills will be reduced because your HVAC system will need less electricity to keep the humidity under control.

Reason #5: Eliminate Mold Issues

Both mold and mildew need moisture to grow on various surfaces in your home. Without addressing the root causes of these issues, you can remediate the mold many times but the spores will start forming colonies again in no time. Sealing your crawlspace properly will greatly reduce your excess moisture levels and thereby, your risk of getting a mold infestation.

Reason #6: Improved Comfort

If you hate cold flooring in the winters or damp air in the summer, a conditioned crawlspace can help you beat this discomfort. When a crawlspace is closed, it allows you to regulate your home’s temperature better. This in turn will improve your quality of life.

Reason #7: Healthier Home

A conditioned crawlspace will create a healthier environment in your home. Better air quality decreases the risk of allergies, asthma, and similar medical conditions for those living in your property.

Conclusion: 7 Reasons Why You Should Get a Conditioned Crawlspace

Conditioning your crawlspace is crucial if you are living in an area that experiences high humidity throughout the year. There are considerable benefits to doing this.

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These are the top reasons why you should get a conditioned crawlspace:

  • The lower moisture levels in your crawlspace contribute to a lower chance of structural issues
  • Health benefits from decreased mold exposure and better indoor air quality
  • More comfort during the wintertime when you are walking on your tile and hardwood floors.
  • Improved energy efficiency due to less strain on your HVAC system
  • Cut the risk of damages that result from pest infestations, including gnaw marks and termite damage

If you need to modify your crawl space and improve your property, contact Idaho Impact Construction today by calling (208) 369-0446 or emailing dustin@idahoimpactconstruction.com. If you are considering other practical concerns for customizing your home, read these easy steps to manifesting a home of your needs.

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