Best Neighborhoods in Boise, Idaho

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Are you planning to live in Boise, Idaho?

Boise, also known as the Treasure City, offers a great quality of life for its residents. The atmosphere is friendly and inclusive while the violent crime rates are much lower than the national average. There are many great parks in the city.

The cost of living can be affordable in many aspects. Your hard-earned dollars will go a lot further in Boise compared to many other cities across the U.S.

In this article, we will list the best neighborhoods in Boise. You’ll learn about the nicest and friendliest districts of the city that deliver a top quality of life!

Downtown Boise

Downtown Boise continues to grow. As the city sees an influx of new people, it will inevitably shape the look and feel of the downtown area. This part of the city is a very desirable place to live.

You can walk to just about any top dining spot, brewery, and park in Boise when you live in the center. You’ll get immediate access to the best outdoor activities and wonderful food and drink options.

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South Boise

This area is located only 8-12 minutes away from Downtown Boise. It used to be all farms, but now the entire area is slowly turning into newly established neighborhoods. Don’t be mistaken by its humble background, though. The prices here are expensive.

Most of the properties in South Boise consist of single-level homes with large parcels of land that have a great location. For instance, South Boise Village is within a walking distance of the Greenbelt. Also, it’s not that far away from Boise State University.

West Bench

West Bench has a nice collection of mid-century homes, mainly located in the Westland Acres. The location of West Bench makes it easy for its residents to access the interstate, Greenbelt, Whitewater Park, and Chinden Boulevard.

This neighborhood has three of the city’s parks located within its limits. There are some unique places to this community, including the Cole Village Shopping Center and the Idaho Capital Asian Market.

North End

This is one of the city’s most expensive areas. However, it has a stellar location as it is only a 5-minute drive from downtown Boise. You’ll find an eclectic variety of housing in this part of the city that includes some historic gems.

Most homes in the North End were built in the 19th century. You’ll always be near parks, schools, and amenities when living in this neighborhood. The dominating styles are Queen Anne and Spanish, but you can find a variety of other home styles too.

East End

This neighborhood is another older area in Boise City. This is a desirable community that offers numerous activities to try out and places to visit.

Here are just some examples:

Foothills Trails: You can enjoy some outdoor recreation in this connected network of trails and roads. These trails located in the foothills are perfect for walking, running, cycling, and jogging.

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Idaho Botanical Garden: This garden is divided into many sections, including a Vegetable Garden, English Garden, Meditation Garden, and Children’s Garden. It’s a top choice in the area if you want to relax and stroll around in a beautiful setting.

Boise Bench

This is one of the up-and-coming communities in Boise. The proximity to Downtown, affordable housing, and scenic views have made this neighborhood one of the favorites among new arrivals to the city.

West Valley

West Valley is a suburban community that had its subdivisions built in the 1990s and early 2000s. Many people living here are homeowners. The overall atmosphere is friendly, the streets have wide sidewalks, and there are lots of households with pets in the area.

One of the gems of West Valley is the Hyatt Hidden Lakes Reserve. This nature reserve covers 54 acres. It has tranquil lake views and offers access to some of the best trails in Boise.

Garden City

Many of Garden City’s pockets run beside the Greenbelt and Boise River. As the other riverside neighborhoods start filling up with residents, Garden City could be one of the future housing hotspots in Boise.


Collister’s homes were mainly built from the 1970s to the 1990s. These houses come with quarter-acre lots that have received proper landscaping and host mature trees.

The quiet streets of Collister are popular among people who love to spend time outdoors. It’s great for jogging, walking your dog, and strolling around. Plus, you’ll find many eateries, a branch of Boise library, and numerous coffee shops in Collister Shopping Center.

Hidden Springs

This is a classic master-planned community that was established in the early 2000s and has only been finalized recently. The neighborhood comes with a preschool, elementary school, restaurant, and community market.

In order to reach this from Downtown Boise, you have to drive around 15 minutes up into the foothills. One of the central features of this neighborhood is the Community Clubhouse. Open to residents only, this clubhouse has a fitness center and a community pool.

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In a Nutshell: Best Boise Neighborhoods

Moving to Boise, Idaho allows you to live in the Pacific Northwest for a reasonable cost. As it’s one of the most affordable cities in the States, many people are considering living in Boise.

These are the top Boise neighborhoods and areas worth checking out:

  • Boise Bench
  • West Valley
  • Downtown Boise
  • Hidden Springs
  • North End
  • South Boise
  • West Bench
  • Collister
  • East End
  • Garden City

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